pic: Three wheel


Close up of the “J drive”

Only one saying comes to my mind that fits this robot…The wheels on the robot go round and round, round and round, round and round. Great looking drivetrain.:yikes:

Have you guys had a chance to drive it around yet? If so, how well does this configuration work?

Cool, but don’t you curve a bit if you try to go side-ways due to one wheel and interesting coefficents (man alive, I can’t spell) of friction? If not well done.

Are you guys trying to drive in arcs around the rack?

I’m intrigued by this interesting set up and am curious as to how it works out for you guys. Have you considered adding the 4th small cim to that center wheel to get a little more power?

How fast is it right now; I remember in '05 some bots with omnis simply got pushed, but you guys will probably be okay since there is so much free space.

Please give us some more info though, I am really curious now.

We have driven it around a couple of times, but the programming is giving us some trouble(don’t ask me why, I just built the thing). Other than that, it works really well. Some of the mentors were doubting it though. We haven’t actually done a full speed yet with everything on it, but it will be fast enough to maneuver by any one who tries to push us.

cool picture! I reall like the omni-directional wheels, it really helps with the steering

Do you have more wheels or skids at the ends or corners to keep the robot stable?

we have sliders in each corner of the base