pic: THRUST 1501 Thanks Sponsors this Summer

Have you thanked your SPONSORS yet? We just finished up a three week thank you session to all our sponsors, even the smallest ones…whew… Don’t forget to thank them!

our team has only 1 sponsor so we only had to go one place and do a demo. We did that at the end of april…

No Sponsors=No FIRST

Yeah it was a lot of fun thanking are sponsors. As well as I was shacking like to many hands for pictures, I’m blind from all the flashing of the cameras!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I believe it is well worth thanking sponsors. I mean if it wasn’t for the sponsors teams would not have the money to compete let alone build a robot. I am hoping next year we get just a little more money (enough to make it to nationals at least).

If a sponsor gives a team money and they never hear anything again or see the robot the team build or the members on the team, i very much doubt that the sponsor will want to give the team money again. We personally invited all of our sponsors to IRI, gave them a MVP (Most Valuable Player) award, and gave most of them a picture of our team with the robot. They also got to meet and talk to the students that went along for the sponsor thank you’s. Which is a good thing for the team because the sponsors get to hear what each of the students learned, and how FIRST has inspired them.

Yup, we do a BBQ picnic for our sponsors and mentors at the end of the season, where we present them with their participation medals, thank you plaques and say a few words about their contributions to the team. We also take the time for the outgoing leadership to introduce their replacements.

See we tried a thing sort of like that, but not very many places showed up. So we switched to the personal thank you thing.

Yeah…how many sponsors does your teams have?

How did you get them to come to an event like this? I’d like to learn any special methods :wink: Poke them in ribs?

We have a horrible time with turn out for this, and feel it doesn’t get all the thanks out like we hoped.