pic: Thunder Chickens at St. Louis Regional

I believe this was after either their first or second match in the eliminations. They won the regional with 148, who picked them #1 overall, and 830.

I love the way this bot picks up the ball and throws it to the other side of the field!

The design is amazing… congrats on the win in St. Louis!

looks pretty sick. Congrats on your win. :]

Wait until you see them hurdle, one of the most unique ways you’ll ever see.

completely agree. Its soo cool!

Any videos yet?


Congratulations to the Thunderchickens on:

  1. Being a #1 pick and part of the winning alliance, :slight_smile:

  2. Avoiding the the “dot” that is placed on the inspection stickers of robots that are capable of violating the 80" rule <R16>, :smiley: and

  3. Convincing our Lead Robot Inspector that their flag holder mounting is rigid and vertical. :confused:


… approximately vertical is the rule and we did stiffen it up on Saturday.

Paul, you’re right.

Many teams, my own included, had to get creative with their flag holder designs this year. Good engineering solutions meet requirements without incurring unnecessary costs. From an engineering economy perspective, 217’s flag holder design is one of the best I’ve seen, complying with the rules while staying clear of their scoring path and using very little weight.

I just felt compelled to throw in that comment in my last post, because the picture makes it appear that our inspector took a liberal view of how far the flag holder can deviate from 90 degrees and still be “approximately” vertical.

When I first saw Thunder Chickens on Thursday in practice I though it would be a down year for them, they had a hard time picking up and hurdling the ball.

On Friday morning I no longer felt sorry for them I felt sorry for the rest of us.

They are lightning fast. Every time you see them slam their arms into the overpass you expect parts to go flying but instead the ball goes flying and they continue under the bars and get the next ball.

Great job guys.

That is by far one of the most elegant scoring machines I have seen in my 3 years of first. You guys grab and retain the ball as efficiently as anyone could hope to do in this year’s game. My prediction is that I will be cheering you on from the stands on Einstein…

Yeah I am pretty sure they will be going pretty far. Seems as though everyone loves the bot. And IMO we will be on Einstein with them, no lie. But Yeah I am gonnna have to watch some of your matches at Nats.

217 has produced another great bot here, probably the second best i’ve seen so far. Its the best arm bot that doesn’t shoot i’ve seen, love the pickup!

on another note check out the song that is played at the beginning of this match: http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/match.php?matchid=5329
I doubt that was on the ‘approved’ song list…

The 'chickens have a heck of a bot this year.

There were many, many times I thought to myself, “They are never going to get the ball and get around again to get another hurdle before time runs out.” Almost every time, I was proven wrong. They have excellent handling of the ball, and their arm is quick to grab it and flip it behind their bot for scoring. It’s obvious they’ve trained well and had several just-before-the-buzzer hurdles that were just phenomenal.

You’ve simply got to see it for yourself in Atlanta. They get into the groove and they just keep on going.

That’s a nice looking robot you guys got this year. :yikes:
Congrats on winning in St. Louis and hope to see you at detroit :smiley:

Holy cow.

Pardon me while I sit here and drool over the pure elegance that is your bot. :smiley:

Absolutely the best robot ive seen. From the first match that i saw them play i knew they would win. Everybody loves that robot. Many times i will start to talk about it but nobody knows what the thunderchickens bot is. So i simply say “Whats your favorite robot? … thats the thunderchickens.” I dont even have to wait for them to explain the robot. It is seriously everybodies favorite. Absolutely beautiful robot guys. Great driving too. Definately capable of winning at Championships.

This team has an AMAZING hurdling technique, i wish the thunderchickens well at all their competitions

As soon as we heard that song we knew… we totally knew we were going to take that trophy home. Legend has it that the first round the ThunderChickens played in Einstein in 2006 Thunderstruck was also played. But that’s just a legend right?

Edit: wow, i am totally mistaken what song you were referring to, I thought you were talking about how they played Thunderstruck by ACDC the first match in elims.