pic: ThunderChickens 2006 Masterpiece of a Robot

We are very proud of our 2006 robot, Gloria. She has a special oscillating bristle shooter that can shoot 20 balls in 10 seconds. Our tubular construction makes the shooter very stiff. Our cutting edge drive base is like no other. We think this is going to dominate the competition.

Hey Copioli - What is wrong with you??!! :slight_smile:

If you can get her to sweep the floor I think my wife would be very interested in giving Gloria a good home after the comps are done!

Can’t wait to see what you REALLY came up with this year!


thunderchiskens teepeeing a regional near you! :smiley: It look likes someone put you robot on cinderblocks… er books and made of with your drivetrain. Make sure to make some movies of that bad bot in action!

So let me guess, it’s “cutting edge” drivetrain makes the robot move so fast it looks as if it never moved, right?


If I see you at an event, pretend we don’t know each other, OK?


So earlier today I was bragging about how Paul is coming to MC our regional.

I need to call some people back.

Nice flick Paul! It’s as good as the one with John and his pig. Now I know where to get extra TP.

Good Luck to your team this season!


<Caption Entry> Sick and tired of everyone leaving the shop a mess, Mrs. Stafford decided to punish them by replacing their robot with a subtle reminder to clean up after themselves

<Not an Entry> I really miss you guys and your quirky sense of humor. Hope you do awesome at DET and TOR.