pic: Thunderhawk license plate


our robots hydrocut license plate

nice! it looks very unique. i wish we could come up with something like that :] .

Good luck in the competitions!

how exactly does a waterjet cut depths, a milling machine is easy because its solid cutting bit is exactly that, solid. Wouldent you need to know the density and other variables of the metal being cut? For cutting all the way through, i see it being efficient, but i dont know about to a depth.

Did you notice the clamps in the corners? I’m guessing that the sign has two layers – one cut through and a solid backing plate. Just a guess, though.

Nice sign. The way things are going ours might end up done with a Sharpie on the inside of a flattened Cheerios box.

yea our plate is hydrocut all the way through and we then clamped it to a solid backing plate for unknown reasons. hope you all like it

good call, I didnt catch that