pic: TIG Welding at RJF

Eric from Red Jacket Firearms taught students how to TIG Weld parts if our pyramid. He was amazing.

That’s so cool!! Myself and a few other students (plus Alumi) went out to a local sheet metal shop during break to learn how to weld. The alumi thought the current students.

Anything special to taking both this and the MIG welding picture? IIRC, taking pictures of wielding isn’t supposed to be great for a camera.

I used my phone camera and tried to watch my distance… In the case of TIG, I tried to keep the camera behind the clamp.

So are we going to see this on the Discovery Channel in a few months? :rolleyes:

No, but we might see some sort of frisbee-shooting cannon on 3337’s robot :wink:

It’s a cannon!!!