here it is everyone…good luck this year.

Wow - I haven’t seen such a nice collection of holes yet! That bot is a real beauty! Are you guys able to collect two double multiplier balls with that?
Good luck, you guys!

I’m sorry to say this but the first thing I thought of was the legality of that coiled hose. Basically, you can’t have it. It was in the Q&A. Hey, better I let you know now than find out at the regional right?

Assuming that the hose they are using is tubing other than what came in the kit then yes sanddrag is right. If this is the hose from the kit maybe you could enlighten us on how you made it coil.

Q: Can we purchase alternate tubing if it meets the psi rating? Specific reason for question is to determine acceptability of a coiled tubing product on an extension arm.
A: No. Review the 2004 Part Use Flowchart.

wow…i guess you are right…that isn;t a big deal though it can be changed very easy. thanks for letting us know

no we can;t do 2 multiplyer balls but we can do 1, suck in the 10 pt ball, and collect 3 balls in the hopper, hang, and put the big ball on/ take them off both goals, climb the 6 inch step

for more pictures www.midnightinvention.com

it is interesting to see the pre “weight watchers” robot and the after it went through many different phases.