pic: Tigerbytes 1775 2009 Robot w crate

Are those hockey sticks on the front?

Nice Bot!

Just to let you know,Per Boeing’s Logo Usage Policy, You are not allowed to put that Boeing Logo on your robot. You need to put a “Team Boeing” or a “Member Team Boeing” logo on your bot

Yeah what exactly is that front structure? Just what, regular wood?

Yeah those are definitely hockey sticks. Very smart use. Fibre-reinforced and built to take a lot of impact and stress.

Yes, I can confirm the hockey sticks. One of the mentors is an avid hockey player. There is something good in these things, the bandsaw blade was never the same after they were cut.

Thanks for the heads up on the Boeing logo. A fair amount of effort was put into getting this right but maybe we missed something. Should be easy to change.

Those are definitely hockey sticks - good “old time hockey” wooden sticks - used in games by yours truly up to a few months ago.

The sponsor labels are just placeholders - I have the new labels printed out and ready to apply. I didn’t make it out to Rice Center again to change before the robot was crated.