pic: Tigertrons 222 2008

Now for the specs. and some video…

2 speed ball lock ~8fps and 12fps
can hurdle and place very similar ChiefDelphi 47
it can break the 80" rule, but not while in normal operation.
we weighed in at 109.5lbs and for the first time ever there are no speed holes
IR sensors to tell us when to pick up the ball
Now for the video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cshml0GNPQ
The video is with a dead battery and right before crating, but you get the idea. we couldn’t show a real hurdle because of the ceilings.

Anyway 222 is all geared up for Overdrive! Good luck to all teams. You can see us in action at Pittsburgh. :cool:

Looks like a typical powerhouse Tigertrons machine!

Great job. Looking forward to seeing it take the Track!

Neat machine! But, as always, I have questions…

-Have you tested your IR sensor with both Red and Blue trackballs? Spotted red/blue trackballs? A dirty/scuffed ball? (just saying because we were using an IR then realiazed how variable the readings were)

-How’d you guys bend your pipes with a curve like that?



Woohoo! I look forward to seeing 222 every year and it’s no wonder why. Congrats on your design and effort!

Thanks…we haven’t tested our sensor with a blue ball, however it works well with our red ball and other objects that pass in front of it. We did notice variable readings over longer run times and are going to be keeping a close eye on things.

The top pipes were bent using (for lack of better terms) a large sheet metal roller. They were bent to the same radius as the ball. The bottom grippers were bent with a bunch of patience, and small bends on a hydraulic bender, but we have also bent similar things on a manual bender.

Some things I forgot and some things thanks to the fix-it windows.

Things I forgot: Encoders in the transmissions for hybrid mode should allows us to do a lap on an open field after some tweaking. We roll on two 6"x1" IFI traction wheels and two AndyMark 6" aluminum onmi wheels. Wheels can be changed out in a matter of 2 minutes if we have any problems.

Things thanks to the fix-it window: a lower first gear set in case teams start getting more defensive

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait for Pittsburgh!

Anyone in Atlanta looking for new frame materials next year be sure to stop by and check our robot. I’m sure our students will be more then happy to tell you about their building experience with 80/20 Quick Frame.