pic: Tigertrons 222 Memorial Day Parade

This is a picture of our float. The best thing about being in the parade is showing the community what you have accomplished with their sponsership to our team.

More parade pictures are found here:


man did that day end up being cold. I wasn’t allowed on our float because i had to march in our school’s marching band that day it was my final.

Looks great… Does the robot have it’s own marching band??? :wink:

Way to go Tigertrons!

Just how cold was it? I see that it was sooo cold to turn your legs a pasty shade of white. brrrrr.

Andy B.

oh, I thought that was from wearing pants all year. :smiley:

It wasnt too bad if you had a Tigertron jacket on. It felt good after the long walk along the parade path!

In previous years we have had a better trailer for the robot but this year we didnt get it. Last year we got rained out. Its good to be able to show the community what you have done.

That was our middle school band.

You mean you don’t drive it along the road? :wink:

You mean you don’t drive it along the road?

We drove the robot on the trailer… :wink: :wink: batteries tend to die…

That’s why you have a trailer with a gate that is down so that when it dies you can pick it up and put it on the gate, and then put it back down on the ground when the record fast “pit stop” is done.
(this was done a record 4 times during our 1.1 mile parade route - Batteries stink!)
See THIS PICTUREfor reference. The red gate with the wheels on the ground in front of the robot was from a flatbed that the local rotary club donates to us for this very purpose. Our drivers sit up there and control the robot from the flatbed, with a donated generator from the fire department that we plugged the controls into…

wouldn’t it have been easier to get some RC car bats and plug those into the OI? (It don’t have motors).
Or better yet, get a car -> wall adapter and plug into that!

We have a better option as far as portable IO.

We just put 3 9v batteries in parallel…

Maybe I should make a white paper…

I had to march too. It was pretty hot in the marching uniform so I wasn’t complaining about the cold. I much would have rather been with the bot. Man those kids in the 8th grade band standing next to you guys really need to know how to stand at attention, the proper way. I know sick the robot on them!!! hehehehehehe. Ok I’m done for my first post. I’m going to hide in my cave again.