pic: Tight fit!


Trying to get everything to take up as little space as possiable.

Are those victors underneath the CIM motors?

The victors need air to circulate to them in order to stay cool and prevent them from overheating, so you need to make sure sufficent air can move past them, and if the motors heat up that is going to be blowing hot air on the victors.

maybe one of the huge fans blowing air in / sucking air out would be a good thing, like sucking air out and cutting a small hole at the back to let air in

Wow, man, that thing can burn someone! :ahh:

It’s important to add the fans in that robot but it’s better to take the electronics outta there.

See Mike I told you the spikes would fit under the CIMs!

If it stays like that you better hope you don’t have to replace a fuse or a victor while at competition. :yikes:

whoa… that is a little to close for me. You can hurt something if you dont get the right amount of air

Is this picture part of an elaborate scheme to eliminate competition by making all the Electrical people go into panic-induced cardiac arrest?

Or were you just trying to earn a little extra cash by having teammates bet on how many people were going to say things like, “you need some space above the Victors!!!” provided aforementioned Electrical people aren’t comatose?

Ah - the curse of the EE on a robotics project. “Make it work beautifully,” say the project managers, “make it do cartwheels. But make it fit in a 4 inch cube.”

My gut says that you’ll have plenty of air flow. Sure it’s not a “best practice” to put something directly above a cooling fan, but what is integration if not a compromise?

One more thing - “hot CIM motor” temperature is nowhere near “hot FET” temperature. The core of the motor would melt before it got to the point that the FETs wer getting hotter from the air blowing past the motor. Or perhaps I’m exaggerating.

From an electrical standpoint I would be a little wary of this setup, if you had a short you could really casue some havoc since everything is so close. Also easy access is vital in case something goes wrong, I hope you don’t have problems that require you to de construct your robot in order to get to your electronics.

I agree, A tight fit could be a mind racking problem in the end, it doesnt look like everything is isolated. with a couple of bumps wires could come lose and cross over to another wire, so i hope you have good insolation. p.t. if the team was worried about over heating the spaces between componets look like enough to have air flow through and a large muffin fan could fit below the holey bottom. But create compact fit. :slight_smile:

Hey everybody,

I think that we have established that there is a lack of airflow and a chance of overheating, why does everyone keep restating that fact?
Ask yourself this question before reply to threads:

Friendly reminder #2: “Does this post contribute to the discussion?”

I’m not saying dont discuss this, i’m just saying there is no reason to beat up on this team about this picture, give them a chance to reply. Maybe they have an explanation for all of this we dont know about yet.

man, thats a tight fit! hope everything works okay over time. but if u gotta do it, u gotta do it.

I like it! Someone needs to push the envelope of what can and can’t be done. I hope everything works out great for you guys, theres nothing better than doing something everyone says will never work, and making it work.
Good luck!

If possible, get some air circulating through there. But as for regulating space, good job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice space saving.
However, the image i have of smoke billowing from the board in the next to last match of finals is floating in my mind.
(final seconds of that national finals)

MC speaking: “Smoke is billowing from the robot. I wonder what’s going on.”

Yea they have room to “breath”… It’s just a bad angle. Thanks for the concern. :slight_smile:

we have not had any problems yet and we have tested for short periods of time about the length of a match if not a Little longer and we have not had a problem yet.