pic: Tim the Dragon v2

The same student on 2079 responsible for Tim the Dragon in 2016 has done it again! Tim was disassembled and rebuilt anew to fit into the FIRST Steamsworks aesthetic. As with last year, we plan to feature him in the pits.

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it at the Rhode Island district.


Your team member really puts the “A” in STEAM.

Can we put it in the Airship?
Maybe on top of the Boiler?

How many kPa can a Fire Breathin’ Dragon produce?

It might fit in the airship. I don’t remember the lowermost diameter off the top of my head. The boiler is a definite no-go, as Tim hasn’t quite mastered the art of flying quite yet, and falling from that distance would be pretty disappointing.

As much as it wants.