pic: Time for a clean electrical board?

When I walked into the room today, it looked very messy. So, we decided to work on the electrical board and get it somewhat neat.

what materials is that?

Very nice…I would have to say that this is one of the most clean electrical boards I have seen. Ours at 1126 is fairly neat but a couple days before we ship we are going to make the right size harnesess and make the wiring as neat as we can. Very good job you guys!

Yeah me too… you can’t even see the wires! How’d you pull that off, Arefin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Skills. =)

How will you ever pass inspection though? Invisible wires mean it’ll be hard to tell if they’re all the right gauge :stuck_out_tongue:

somethings gonna smoke :smiley:

And the right colors. :wink:

what is the medium for connecting the electronics? is it just a dyed piece of polycarbonate? (where can one obtain this magical substance?)

clean and electrical board in the same sentence
^ that is impressive on its own

It’s always nice and neat before the wires go on!! Ziptie your components on?? Come on… use the chrome hardware to go with that pretty board!!

It does look very nice, but there are no wires on that board arefin. We’ll see how tidy it is when it works. :smiley: