pic: Timmy's Triangle of Terror


The Head Ref’s “box” at Mayhem this past weekend.

Oddly enough, not too many people came up to contest rulings…

Boy, Tim I think you even scared away CD with your “triangle to terror”


When I saw that, I thought about how Amanda Morrison, one of the refs, would stand in the question box and wait for our head ref, Andy Baker, to come over to the box to talk to her about her question(s) at the OKC Regional. It always made me smile when she did that.

You don’t mess with triangles. Especially not Timmy’s triangles.

And here’s a shameless plug for Mr. Baker - I never had a question answered unsatisfactorily, and never walked away from a call without completely understanding why the call was made. Andy is an awesome communicator and excellent at directing his refs to make clear, concise calls on the field.

…but he does not have a triangle of terror, I think.

Thanks for the kindness, Amanda and Jane… but this is Tim’s thread. (we did have a GREAT time in OKC!)

back to Timmy:

I had a chance to ref under Tim at the Mayhem in Merrimack last weekend. He did a very good job running the crew and calling a consistent event. He even had the backbone to make the “tough call”. Tim did a great job in calling a “looser” event, but still knew that there was a line that could be crossed with robot interaction.

I think that teams appreciated the loosening up on some calls (more than incidental robot to robot interaction), while still being stern on others (tipping, field damage, G22).

Tim will be a ref at IRI, and I look forward to serving with him again.

Andy Baker


having spent much time in “question boxes” (that merely attempt to be intimidating) this season, I must say… the Triangle of Terror strikes fear into my heart.