pic: Tin Cans 2158 Electronics Box 2007

For more pictures of the electronics design, check out the 1st build week for Tin Cans on the www.andersonrobotics.com/gallery2 page,
We want to thank 118 (robonauts) and 116 for the inspiration

does this box sit on your bot? How?
And why did you choose this design?

Does that muffin fan blow enough air so that your victors wont fry?..Very cool design. Good job you guys!

Thumbs up–I love these sorts of designs. What are you using to connect the Victors (and spikes and such) to the outside world?

I like it! Short, direct wiring, compact and best of all the tally light on the RC are visible on the outside.

Very nice.
One thing you might want to watch out for though is weight.
Last year, I built a similar design out of Lexan, but the material was so thick that we ended up cutting out a good part of the box to meet requirements. I can’t tell what thickness you used on that, but still, be careful. (It’s quite disappointing to see someone take a milling machine to your electrical box…)

I like it, It is always cool to see teams make things that are different from the normal panel on flat sheet metal.

This thing rocks. Will you be wiring it in permanently so it can unfold on the bot, or will you be able to disconnect it and lift it out of the bot if necessary?

That looks really cool! I would just spend the time and make sure there isn’t any faulty wiring (which i am sure there is not) and make sure not aluminum chips get in there =P haha.

The other day when i was working on the lathe, an aluminum chip flew into just the right spot and shorted out our lathe.

That looks very awesome! great idea!

Nice Job, Andrew. It’s much prettier than the one that we put in Chainzilla. I’ll get a chance to see that at LSR, right?

Great job, fantastic design. Seeing a team credit us for inspiring them certainly put a smile on my face.
I assume you’ll be using quick disconnects to be able to remove the box as a whole when you need to work on it? Be careful to plug them in before matches (while this may seem simple, sometimes during the rush before an elimination match, it can be forgotten) and that they are secure enough they don’t come loose.
Fantastic job though :slight_smile:

hey cool design! we were going to implement something similar onto this year’s robot, but we decided that it’d be better if it were all laid out… we’ll most likely put it on a practice bot though. y’alls turned out awesomely!

That looks nice and compact. Will the team led relay go on the DIN rail?

at first i thought you guys moded the controls into the frame of a mac cube!:yikes:

it looks really nice and clean, although I wonder how well it will cool.

you guys should turn that lexan into swiss cheese. this will maximize your cool air flow in there.

thanks but as it is the material is thin and not quite so rigid… and we would only put holes in there if we were overclocking something :stuck_out_tongue: its working quite well so far because the edges of the box are not closed tight so theres free flow of air. and we dont want to have too much junk flying in there either!