pic: Tired but still fun at 3 a.m. on ship day!

Team 811 was burning the midnight oils a few days before ship. Here a couple of team leads take a break as we got things ready to pack in the crate. Here is a warning to all…at this time of night, you have to be careful where you decide to take a nap…or you could end up as cargo on a FEDEX truck bound for Manchester!

What did the sign say before you modified it?

what are you talking about… that isnt modified…

you can see that it’s been photoshopped. “Manchvegas” is clearly replacing something else.


It was very late, and we were all very tired. (and punchy)

I’m not sure it was politically correct…so a word was changed to protect the innocent! (after all, we all saw what happened to Howard Stern)


“Alternative name for the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. The word was coined by combining the first part of “Manchester” with the second word in “Las Vegas,” juxtaposing Las Vegas’s glitz and glamor with Manchester’s lack of either. Used derisively.”


“So are we going out tonight?”
“We live in Manch-Vegas. The hottest spot open this late is Wal-Mart.”

My reference below…

We worked from 2:30 PM Wednesday until 7:50 AM Thursday. We saw the sun go down AND come up. Our robot was picked up at 1:05 PM on Thursday.