pic: TNT Housing Overview

Friday night, Sept. 28, 2007 in the USF Sun Dome before the Tempest 'n Tampa off season event.

It looks like a lot of fun. Maybe a tailgate BBQ in parking lot.

I hope this becomes a tradition at all the off-season Competitions!

lol it was fun especially the awesomely soft floor… :wink: it was great and we PWND those donuts that next morning !!!

I bet there were some tired but totally awesome chaperones and mentors hanging out, helping to make this happen. Cool.

I see a MARS mentor sleeping on his blue air mattress next to the folded up stands/wall. We only had 4 students, this one technical mentor and 3 FIRST addicted moms in Tampa. Thanks Team 1902 “WendyMom” for the 2am discussion of NEMO topics. Quoting someone else, TNT was a blast!

It was fun trying to walk through and not step on people, hehe I think I got some evil looks in trying to get to the other side.

Most of this area was unoccupied for most of the night. When I finally went to sleep at 5ish, there were still tons of people walking around and a bunch of empty sleeping bags.

Did people really stay up and play Halo/Guitar Hero/Wii ALL night?

Yes they did. I had them break down the LAN Party at 7:15am. Guitar Hero ended around 3:30ish…9 Square broke up around 2:30ish…Dodgeball was shut down at 3ish…Practice on the field shut down around 3:30ish. It finally got quiet around 5, and then loud again when the donuts showed up around 7.

Krunch Boosters did an excellent job at this event. Everything ran so smoothly, I was so impressed. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. (I have almost caught up on my sleep!!)

That was a REALLY FUN event!

Looks fun!