pic: Toaster Tech 5332 Potential 2016 Drivetrain

This is a pretty simple drive-train I designed recently, and decided I’d post it to give everyone lurking on CD waiting for kickoff something new to look at :stuck_out_tongue:

Its made almost entirely from VEX parts except for a couple custom plates and would be fastened using rivets. I didn’t want to cantiliver the shafts or have to deal with bearing blocks, so I ran the main wheel off a live axle from the WCD gearbox from Vex/WCP and used bolts for dead axles on the rest of the wheels.

Any input would be appreciated

4" wheels with Blue nitrile tread
6.75" center distance for drive wheels
No drop for middle wheels
Omnis not driven
32 lbs with gearboxes

Great work! I would be hesitant to have unpowered corner wheels on a drivetrain, especially one with no center drop. If there is any concavity in the field, or you get tipped back slightly, you would completely lose all of your driving ability and be stranded until something else moves you into a better spot.

I might be slightly crazy but the gearboxes look like they’re at a slight angle to me.

If you get pushed back at an angle, you won’t have any driven wheels touching the ground.

Also, your non-driven wheels are reducing the normal force on your driven wheels, reducing traction.

I used the perspective view in Inventor to generate this render, so that effect makes it look a bit weird. They’re not actually angled :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. How far would you suggest raising the omnis to fix this?

Ok :).
You want to look into integrating some bumper mounting hardware. Quite a few teams have started putting latches to connect their bumpers on similar chassis. :slight_smile:

Will do

1/8" will definitely be enough. You could probably even get away with 1/16" since they’re omni wheels and you don’t have to worry about scrubbing.