pic: Toltech Programming Protoboard

Latest version which include 2 Globe Motors, 2 small Hobby Motors, a Servo /w Lego technic beam, Gyro mounted on Lego Mindstorms wheel n Axle, IR receiver board …
Integrated pneumatics board coming soon…
Bruce Mather CTO of our local MTC Technologies site is the developer of this system.

Is that a huge Remote you are using there? I proposed to my RoboCoach team we use a remote like that for Overdrive. It would be simpler to punch the buttons.

Impressive board for teaching. I have been working on a demo board for teaching in my robotics class. This provides a great example and layout.

That looks like a big remote from Staples! (I work there :P) so if anyone else is looking for one that’s where to go :smiley:

Hey thats the exact same remote we’ve been using :cool: $9 JC Penny’s FTW.