pic: Toltech's no longer need to out-source

A Techno LC Series 3024 (work bed is 30" by 24" by 6") in the shop means that we can actually make the parts we draw in Autodesk Inventor. In addition to the ability to do our own cutting of robot parts, project ideas are being developed for the senior level engineering research and design course.

If you have such a course at your school and can share curriculum or project ideas please contact me.


Welcome to the world of CNC. That little guy is going to be your best friend.

(Maybe your worst enemy if you can’t get him to work properly

I wish my school had a shop so we could get one. Even if they found the space for it there kinda expensive, but so cool!

Team 612 just got their CNC Machine.

Now whenever i walk into the lab, i see AutoCad and Mechanical team doing random, fun, and learning experiments on it. :slight_smile:


Our school has a CNC Mill, unfortunately its sole purpose is for the cutting of wood -cries-.