pic: Tom defending CT's honor at IRI

Was this during the mentor’s round?

if so, did they relax the rules about previous drivers?

I think it came down that there weren’t enough people to fulfill all of that requirement…and at the same time, the field didn’t need fixing, thus Tom was available.

Go Tom!
cough–jake why did you let him drive???–cough
I wish i went with 571 like i intended, however, my dad disagreed with my desire to go…maybe next year

also–how did they do with the whole driving the robot thing?

yea alot of teams had a hard time of finding drivers, i was even enlisted to be a human player (with permission of course) not like they were check id out on the field anyway

Our team didn’t have a hard time finding people to drive, the robot hung autonomously making the driver useless. So we only needed an operator and human player.

I think a lot of teams had a little trouble and had to recruit drivers. More than a couple were there without parents, engineers, or a mentor. I know that this wasn’t the only instance - 1020 had 447 parents and engineers fill in, 269 enlisted Mike Soukup, Brandon Martus, and Jess Boucher, etc. There were several other teams asking around.

Well, they did almost tear down the really big expensive projection screen… :eek:

it was fun to watch though.

darryl noble ran the field with hammond’s bot. he was awesome. i think he capped and hung from the floor. 234’s mentor’s did pretty well too. :slight_smile:
Scott Ritchie and wife Libby could have been in 111’s HP contest. Scott was 5 for 5 i think.

the operative word is “almost” in that sentence… remember that folks :slight_smile:


So, Tom, are you just out of practice, or is 571’s robot that hard to drive :wink:

probably a bit of both.
he wasn’t driving though, he was doing the arm, so i guess it wasn’t completely his fault.