pic: Tommy Before we got the electronics on it

This is an older pic then the vid I posted here TOMMY LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!! - Robot Showcase - Chief Delphi

Maybe you could help me out I’m working on the same style lift, can you like get me a better picture of how the wiring for the lift is done? Im really confused I have been staring at drawn diagrams and cant seem to figure it out.

once we get it all back together I will take some pics of the cabling.

Thanks that would help me out!

Nice design. It looks alot like team 25’s robot from last year in terms of the lift mechanism. Here is a picture http://bp1.blogger.com/_aTJOXg8-DEw/Res680rFhrI/AAAAAAAAAL8/Od5l2WyuHrI/s400/P3031097.JPG

Drew Hopman, i belive this will help you figure it out…
i am sorry for my paint skills :slight_smile:
am i correct DarkFlame145?

This looks like a very nice fork lift with a lot of potential. I’d like to see some videos when you get it working. Is there any reason why your rear wheels are so far inwards?

Hmm yes familiar looking forklift :slight_smile: And yeah, why are the rear wheels so close to the center?

Are the welded gate post sort of things on the front for herding?

Is the angle bracket on the bumper legal? It’s my belief that brackets should be attached to the robot for size and weight, not attached to the bumper.

I’m not too sure i’ll have one of my mentors draw out how the cables are. If we dont have it recabled and hooked up to the bot today

Yes, the flippers are for herding. The back wheels are in the center to try to give us better turning, which in our gym it turns on a dime.

That bumper is one off of last years bot, we where just trying to see where to mount the bumpers. We are currently making a 2nd tier for them.

Yes, there will be vids of Tommy when the lift is all looked up and work which should be soon I hope.

Yes that is how the Pulley is wired.
Im one of the lead designers so If anyone has questions to how or why we did something hopefully I can answer them?