pic: Tony Bertucci And Danny Diaz, Mentors For LASA Robotics, FRC 418 -WFFAs 2009 and 2010

Mr. Bertucci and Danny Diaz are both invaluable mentors to FRC 418, LASA Robotics. In 2009, Mr. Bertucci was awarded the Lone Star Regional Woodie Flowers Award. In 2010, Danny Diaz was awarded the Lone Star Regional Woodie Flowers Award. We are very proud of our Woodie Flowers Finalists. It’s an amazing feeling for the team and for these two mentors.

An award well-deserved in both cases.

I was not able to travel to Lone Star but was able to view the awards ceremony via the totally awesome webcast! I saw a wonderful and very proud moment for LASA Robotics happen with the announcement that Danny had garnered the award this year. It was really something. The awards sub-team is comprised of 1 senior, 1 junior, and 1 sophomore. They are still so excited and full of smiles, simply beaming.

Danny will be reffing at the FIRST Lego League World Festival in Atlanta. If you get a chance, say hello. You won’t be able to miss him; he will be wearing his famous chicken hat and, this year, the chicken will be sporting a black and white striped ref shirt. :slight_smile:

The rest of us here at 418, including Mr. Bertucci, will be watching everything from home and cheering everyone on.


P.S. Thank you Don, fast fast posting!

What can you say that hasn’t already been said. Two dynamic leaders from a historic team. Still the only team I know of that has a State BEST Award and a Chairman’s Award.

Since 2000, Tony has created a team that most in Texas try to immulate. Walk with, and talk to the team members, and you understand the focus of the team. They act together to accomplish the common goal. To create a successful future for the students through engineering, while have a good time along the way.

Congratulations to you both!

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