These are all of the goals for this years game and about half of the scoring tetras. They take up way too much space in our shop as you can see.

WOW…that’s a lot of tetras… Hey! how were you about get this exclusive picture of the manufacturing site of the regional field components!? :rolleyes:

You go South Cal!

is that all for practice? do you really need that many for practice? :eek:

Team 22 has always hosted scrimmages and offseason events in Southern California… I would imagine they made all these tetras for the same purpose this year. They are one of the truely dedicated teams in improving the FIRST community.

If enough teams show up, I might actually come visit again ;-).

are these all yours? if so DANG… i hope you didn’t buy the IF lexan clovers =)
good practicing =)
or are they property of first?

Yup we put on a per-ship comp. for any team that want to come every year in our high school gym in chatsworth. So we ahve to make all the game compoents. Thats also not all the tetras when we finish them this weekend we can post a picture showing all of them.

I hope everyone see the emergency exit up in the right hand coner, if you go out that window its about a 10 foot drop we love it. Its just so funny that LAUSD put it there. There is 6 exit door in our shop so hope fully we never have to use it but that LAUSD for you.

They actually have two teams. A 22A and a 22B. Ya, indeed they are one of the truly dedicated teams. I hear that also for the Chatsworth regional or the Southern California regional, one of those, that they were actually going to be hosting a FIRST team out of the country. I forgot which one though. If anyone has any more information about that, I’d like to find out which team, because I believe another team in the midwest is hosting a FIRST team from Australia…Then again, I may have everything mixed up, but Team 22’s are awesome.

Is this field open to do testing on before the scrimmage at all?

We were hosting a team from Canada. Team 188, we when up there last and they hosted us while we competed at the Canadian regional.

The field will be open on Saturday this year for practice all day i think. I will find that out if anyone want to come early.

Please do Ken! I’d love to see you again…I will be either reffing or MC-ing again…

hmm i wonder if 22 is collaborating;) :]

wow, how much did all that cost?