pic: Too much ark

the ball got stuck after launching from our prototype catapult.

Thats gotta be worth extra points if you do that in competition right? :smiley:

And here I was expecting to see a large ship filled with pairs of animals… :slight_smile:


can you post a picture of your catapult? would be interesting to see


The launcher prototype is shown briefly in this video. :slight_smile:
It is only a prototype right now though we are in the process of improving it

I don’t see any problem with that at all. I don’t know what you’re talking about.:wink:

Nice Job! Now lets focus on actually getting it IN the hoop! :yikes:

points up to the ball

There’s your problem.

Don’t worry. In 2006, we shot a ball into a Halogen light fixture. We forgot bout it until we started smelling smoke.

Reminds me of our first year and the competition was Aim High. We broke a lot of overhead lights that year:D

back in overdrive (2008) we had the problem that we’d hit nails in the ceiling, or we’d nail our fluorescent shop lights (looks like the same kind of ceiling you guys have)

:ahh: Well, we know someone who can shoot fullcourt. Look out everyone!

40 points for the win.:smiley: