pic: Top 20 teams' OPRs compared via standard deviation distribution - 2008-2015


Comparison of OPRs for top 20 teams normalized with standard deviation for 2008 to 2015. Recycle Rush stats are through Week 4.

So… 1114 has built the two best robots of the 3v3 era?

Seriously though, cool chart. A lot of interesting data here, even if it’s packed in there pretty tight. Any chance we can get the .xls?

This is incredibly cool and informative. It shows how much better the 99th percentile is each year compared to the 90th percentile team, and how different games and teams have made that the way it is.

For the record… this graph only shows the top 99th percentile (or so). With >2000 teams in FRC, the top 20 are the 99th percentile.


Here’s the one you want:

Here’s the file:

BTW, one tweak–I used the 2015 OPR net of coop points because I wanted to isolate individual team contribution as much as possible. The distribution isn’t much different with coop pts included.