pic: Top-Down Orthographic View of the Field

Simple top down view of the field. No markings, no extra logos, no points charts, nothing except the field.

Not bad, but note this is a perspective view, not an orthographic view.

Also, is your team aware that another team (696) had the name and brand “Circuit Breakers” a full decade before your team ever came into existence?

Is this the place to point that out?

Thanks for this!

Thanks for taking the time to help out other teams.

Not to go too off topic, but there is a LOT of name overlap in FRC teams, it’s not like new teams are expected to search through all the thousands of team names out there and come up with something original.

It’s almost as if “Circuit Breakers” were a common electrical component frequently associated with electrical engineering and robotics. :rolleyes:


Unless Blender lied to me, its orthographic…

I actually pointed this out to you a couple years ago! :stuck_out_tongue: I also got a NASA poster from you guys for having the same team name in Houston this year. And yes, theyre very aware. We poke fun at it all the time.

100%. Why do it in a DM?

IIRC theres like 6 active “Circuit Breakers,” the newest being a rookie this year from Washington.

It’s perspective, notice how you can see how the 3d ends of the field “pop out” and kind of extend outward. If it were orthographic, it would appear as 2d and flat.

I agree. We found another team (older than us) that has the same name and even the same colours. But they weren’t angry with us. Last year at Worlds, we met them, took a picture together and exchanged gear (shirts, etc.).

That’s FIRST core values!

More specifically, you can see the inner faces alliance and portal walls. In orthographic, you’d just see the tops. Figures 3-2 and 3-3 in the game manual are orthographic.

Not to derail this thread, but I did want to address a few things mentioned, and I’ll hopefully take any further discussion by PM.

I don’t recall. I’ve had a busy past couple years. I am curious about this poster though. I don’t recall us ever having any NASA posters to give out to anyone. Perhaps you have us confused with someone else? Or maybe our students did something that I am not aware of.

So if I started a new team, and just to happened to have named it the “Cheesy Poofs” or “Simbotics” or “Citrus Circuits” or “Robowranglers” that would be okay? If I started a business that made rockets that launch satellites, and decided to name it SpaceX that would be okay? If I started a big-box hardware and materials store and called it Home Depot that would be okay? In my mind, due diligence is a part of naming your team. In this day and age of the internet, TBA, and Google, it’s easier than ever to do your due diligence when naming a team, to make sure the name is unique. It’s beneficial to all teams to have unique names and brands to avoid confusion.

This is accurate.

For FRC, yes, it would be okay if you came up with it on your own and it’s just coincidence. I don’t know if you remember your rookie year but there is SO MUCH info to wrap your head around that checking to see if your name is original is probably not even close to being on your radar.

For the corporate world, you have to do a name search before you incorporate so there’s known procedure. It usually involves lawyers.

Now if FIRST actually did a check on their end and said “hey guys, that’s name’s already taken”, I’d be okay with that. Actually I’m surprised they don’t do that.

Sorry to keep this off-topic but I think it’s important to not attack a team on something like this, especially given the values of FIRST. It happened, we accept it. Move on.

Not to mention there ARE companies with the same or very similar names. And names like Cheezy Poofs and Simbotics are rather unique, specific names so they are less likely to be copied anyway. But calling yourself Robo+your school mascot or a generic engineering term is not unique enough to expect no other school team to do the same.

And if someone does take your name (intentionally or not) it’s on you to make your team stand out using team colors, graphics, unique robot design, etc.

But back onto the subject of this thread, thanks for this view of the field! +1

Ill see if i can find it in the shop this afternoon.

Looked this morning, my view was orthographic but the render camera’s was in persepctive. This is a perspective image of the field

Back in 2014, our team didnt know that TBA existed. It wasnt something that ever came up. In our minds, if it was an issue TIMS would of yelled at our mentor for being a name “already taken” or something. Heck, it hasnt stopped a team from naming themselves the “Circuit Breakers” this year. Its not like this is the only instance either. Theres 3 teams using “Robostangs,” 4 “Full Metal Jackets” (one even before 1296) and a ton of teams using “Dragons” or a slightly altered version of it. Its not like we’re trying to steal your image or something.

Large corporations are obviously protected by trademark laws. The importance of their name extends just beyond marketing and brand recognition, it also serves as consumer protection. For instance, I know I have a lifetime warranty on Craftsman tools, which wouldn’t be present from a knockoff Craftsman. It serves the public’s interest to protect these trademarks to avoid counterfeits.

Within FRC, there are not the same considerations. While a unique brand may help a team, simply naming your team first does not give you exclusivity over the name. You can grant yourself a decent bit of brand protection by picking a unique or highly uncommon name, such as “Simbotics” (which draws from Governor Simcoe Secondary School), which would be highly unlikely to be replicated by another team elsewhere. Using a generic term frequently associated with robotics and electrical engineering such as “Circuit Breaker” offers no such notions of uniqueness. It’s asinine to assume that because you incorporated a generic engineering term into your name at an earlier date that no other team should be allowed to also use the same term.

Sometimes I’m genuinely impressed by Chief Delphi’s ability to go off topic. Is this a record?

I believe Sanddrag is trying to say that before his very original team name there was no such thing as circuit breakers :smiley: he should have trademarked it! Darn-it-all!:ahh: :yikes:

Also I agree with Sam.

Also great looking overhead view

We had a rookie team last year nearby that called themselves Robonauts. Sure it’s not ideal, but most people just find it humorous.