pic: Top of electronics board

Its the top of the electronics board, look at other pic of electronics board for more details. However, we have an alternator built that is only shown in this pic. It helps charge our backup battery and runs the robot controller.

Isn’t it cool that we have an alternator? I wonder how it works…

GO 753

<R56> The 7.2v backup battery may be charged on or off the ROBOT. When off the ROBOT, the battery is to be charged with the provided 7.2V backup battery charger. When mounted on the ROBOT, the backup battery may be charged from the 12VDC primary battery by using the custom charging circuit available from Innovation First Inc. (note: IFI will provide the design for this circuit on the IFI website, however teams must obtain the parts for this circuit and assemble it themselves). The use of this circuit is strongly encouraged.

I don’t believe you can charge the backup with an alternator.

I’m terribly sorry about the confusion. The device in question (the little breadboarded box with the resistors) is the IFI charging circuit mentioned in R56. The team member above perpetrated a misnomer.

Using the 12V battery to run the motors and then using them as a power source for an alternator/generator would be the quintessence of inefficiency.


Looks great guys, can we get an updated pic?