pic: Top secret Atomic Dragons shooter design reveled!

Anyone get what’s going on?

I think so. You are spinning it with the cim and then shooting it with the piston?

Sorry, we can’t tell you how it works. Top secret and stuffs.

(yeah, and I think it’ll be our summer project)

It’s obviously a lathe. The discs are a little too big to fit into their shooter so they needed to make the radius a little smaller. :smiley:

But in all seriousness, I had the same idea but scrapped it after realizing that when you go to punch the disc forward, the lip of the disc gets caught on the the spinner. There are ways around this, but sadly my team didn’t have the resources to pursue this idea.

That’s why the suction cup is on a piston so it can be lifted up out of the way of the flywheel before it’s hit.

Is the suction cup able to be spun too?

Is the suction cup on a bearing or something?

EDIT: Same question as above^

Yes. Rotating fitting

Actually, inside sources tell me this is their 30 point climbing mechanism. :wink:

Care to explain how your hopper works?

The piston also adds a bit of putty onto the Frisbee so the weight sensors register slightly more points.

Nothing really, just they enter from the bottom or something and as they are pushed up some how, they fall into the tray to get spun up.

Nathan, I think you are taking these teasers a little too far :slight_smile: