pic: Tormenting The Tor-Mentor


George, getting a hug from me, no matter how much he tried to resist

WOW I CANT BELEAVE IT ! you didnt lose a lim did you??? gosh your lucky me and andrew tryed to hug him and he about started swinging on use. But that dosnt matter i still have many photos of george muwahahahah…stay posted

i wouldn’t mess with george if i were you all…ticking time bomb ::tick::tock:: ::tick::tock:: well as long as his eventual reaction is filmed i’ll enjoy it…

haha george getting tormented…yeah that happens alot, especially when you tell him we dont have any machine shops anymore.

He looked like he was about to start swinging :ahh:

Heheheh… I remember at Robot Rodeo when the YMCA was playing “Come on George, dance with me!” I thought he was going to kill me lol. Good times, good times.