pic: Tornado eats JTN

I guess we know which J_N Tornado likes more…

JTN maybe inside Tornado, but at least his likeness is not garroted to the side.

Hmmm, I’ve heard that design is an iterative process. Maybe this is an improvement being considered for IRI? Tornado just might pass inspection in this configuration. But I guess that’s irrelevant since there are no inspections at IRI. :rolleyes:

Anyway, teams thinking of designing in JT as part of their 2010 robots should keep in mind that he probably will not be available as a COTS item.

…I’m gonna have to see a bill of materials on this one.

I love the the human reloader =)

I never noticed it before, but that’s such a nice wiring job!

Sounds like your payload specialist decided to take human loading literally

Robot hungry… nom nom nom…

Boy, that’s going to be one damaged “orbit ball” when it lands in the trailer… Nothing some surgery won’t fix!

(By the way, I smell Caption Contest strong. If this isn’t bad enough…)

i guess robots really do turn on humans in the future after all…

Looks like Tornado must have had a chat with Wildstang '09 down in Atlanta

I’m dying to see you turn it on and watch JTN spin around at 1000RPM.

Poor kid is being tortured…

Believe it or not I think he was the only kid to actually sit there and get into the whole Human Player thing. He was there when I opened and didn’t leave till I closed the field…

Was this before or after Dorothy and Toto?
hides out of embarrassment for bad joke