pic: Tough cookkie frame

just putsing arround tonite thinking of frames. This is a battering Ram type frame borrowing heavaly off 179’s 2005 chassis. low to the ground no Corners octagonal frame with 50° sloped sides borroed from team 930 in 2005 and that rockey soup team in 2003. 4’ wheels and a pair of AM shifters

4 foot wheels? Wow! :smiley: but 4" wheels, yes, good think. yay for small wheels. Anyhow, that chassis would be illegal by this past year’s rules right? Nice CAD model though.

If you could get the motors and a custom transmission inside the frame it would make a good battle bot.

I’d imagine that you could add some upright panels to get around that problem.

That said, it seems reminiscient of 179’s 2005 design. Not that there was anything wrong with that one (cough)florida and palmetto champs(cough).

Is there any advantage to the octagonal shape as opposed to the standard rectangle?

Without any outer edges the abilty of the machine to slip by obstacles and other robots at high speeds is greatly increased. it is also much more dificult to pin an octagon to a barrier than it is a rectangle. i used to drive the 2005 swampthing through hordes of robots and tetras and they would just get diflected off and the machine just coudn’t be stoped by anything

So? im just piecing ideas togeather. I Don’t like to think in the Box so i try not to make robots look like them.

it would be illegal because the sides are more than 10 degrees from vertical

Have you decided what the 4" wheels would be? Are they those pimp Goped wheels again?

Yes it is illegal because i designed this specifically for this years game and i follow all of first’s rules to the letter. and i have decided to make the wheels out of cotton candy. it’s a lightweight material witch doubles as a sweet snack after matches.

Again! just throwing ideas together No need to be so serious.

Hmmm… wonder what the coefficient of friction of cotton candy to carpet is. You may be on to a sticky-good solution there, Tytus.

Some input and questions:

  1. Incorporating the AM Shifter side plates into your base frame would save you about 2" or maybe 3" of height. You can just buy the pieces individually and save some money, even.

  2. How do you get chain tension between the wheels and from the gearbox to the wheel?

All in all, it looks great. I assume that the metal parts of the frame are welded together. If this is not a battlebot, then the thickness of the plates don’t need to be over 3/16", and some could even be 0.090" thick.

Good job.



i origanlly had the AM shifters hole pattern in the frame as i was going to do away with the origanl stainless plates but i started this about 3 hours befrore i went to sleep and thinking to hard about how to scootch a tublar stregnth member over an inch after everything arround its already been modeled at 1AM makes my head hurt. if i decide to goof arround with it more I will take any trick out of the book to keep that CG Low as can be. And it’s all 1/4" a bit of overkill but an easy number to remember and extrudde to without getting too confused at night. after i went to bed last night i thought of doing a snail drive that projected a slip and slide of mucas to make its way allong the carpet i kinda dont like wheels.

with a net made of magic that is tensioned by pixies.
i deffenatly did minimal effort here im thinking about a ratchet tensioner asembley like 233 has.

That frame is amazingly cool. It looks like it could take more of a beating than a FIRST bot could throw at it! As for weight, is there any estimate as to how much it would weigh?

WOW! Nice Work Ty!..

Whats the weight on that setup?

Well First things first swampthing has access to a plasma cutter and a waterjet so they can take weight out of plate in no time flat. Weight is not the issue at this point, it is also why the chasis is all plate material. Second issue is the chains, I know that on the 05 robot which had a similiar wheel setup the hole locations for the AM gearboxes were slotted to allow tensoning there and PVC was used as rollers on bars that went across the wheel wells for tensioning and ease of movement for the chains while the machine was running. AKA let the chain ride on the PVC instead of alumnium.
I don’t think Tytus personally liked that system however, which is probablly why he is going to try a rachet system. Great idea for improvement Tytus I like it :yikes: . The shape is awesome I have always been really impressed with that. I suppose something would have to be done about those illegal wedges but thats a pretty simple fix really Elminiate those plates and come up with something that is legal or add more plate to make it legal. One last question I had though is it about the same size as the 2k5 edition? Electronics on a chasis that compact becomes really fun and this time you don’t have Amanda, Ty. I dunno just a few thoughts helping a good friend out.

My two cents,

first has diffrent rules every year. there’s no telling what they’re going to do in the future so i just dont worry about it and try to sort it out later.

Well said.

To me, the changing rules are a big part of the fun. If the rules stayed the same year to year, robots would start to look the same.

That would be boring.