pic: Tough Drive Team And the Cat

On thursday of Atlanta, after deciding not to wear our flamboiant team shirts (most people wound up wearing their “MORT, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!” shirts in support of the Palmetto winning alliance) our drive team decided to have a little fun with the cat…

hahaha once again the cat rears its infamous face. Gotta love that giant cat. and our drive team. HUD’s FTW!!!

I’ve seen that cat in Cleveland as well! Wahhhhhhhh! Its so cool! I want to buy that poster! I (Heart) Cats! :smiley:

That cat is Team 461’s “Happy Cat”, created by our driver Clif last year before the Championships. :slight_smile: We’re glad you enjoyed yourselves with Happy Cat.

That cat was seriously awesome.

I love how my friend and I were looking at it and all of a sudden we see a cat mascot staring at it and then started to pet the poster. Don’t ask…we just thought that was hysterical!

Awee my drive team cuties are so adorably “serious”.

Dunno about the cat, but that is one tough drive team


Hey PIoneers…are you guys going to any off-season comps?