pic: TPD - RoboTowels


Two Pencil Designs newest item. We present the RoboTowels.
Have your teams logo or number printed on the towels. Your colors of towels are orange, blue, green, red, and white.

We will be selling them for $1 each and 50 for $45.

Excellent for getting attention of judges and other teams in the stands. Also, sweet giveaways to other teams, sponsors, seniors and mentor thank yous!

Get yours today!


These are pretty cool, our team is going to pick up a bunch for bringing attention to the team in the stands and give aways.

Good to hear Richard, what color options would you like?

How large are they? They seem like a great thing to have in the pits!

Thank You for interest in our newest product, here’s more information.

100% cotton, hemmed on all four edges, 14" x 14".

Color Chart For Inks - or visit the Jacquard site for a color chart.

100 Clear Extender
101 Yellow
102 Gold Yellow
103 Orange
104 Red
105 Bright Red
106 Scarlet
107 Magenta
108 Violet
109 Sky Blue
110 Royal Blue

111 Blue
112 Navy
113 Turquoise
114 Yellow Green
115 Green
116 Brown
117 Black
118 White
119 Opaque White
120 Gold
121 Solar Gold

122 Silver
123 Copper
124 Opaque Yellow
126 Opaque Red
127 Opaque Violet
128 Opaque Blue
129 Opaque Green
140 Process Yellow
141 Process Magenta
142 Process Cyan

Colors of towels are orange, blue, green, red, and white.

These look awesome Alex. What’s going to be the ordering process for these? Definitely want some for 2656!

Our shop portion of the site is still under construction. Please send all order information to [email protected]

Sounds good and thanks for the praise!

If you are wanting a specific color towel that is not said above, we are willing to take the white towels and dye them the color you wish. We currently have an order for yellow towels and that’s how we will achieve what the customer wants.

What’s the additional cost for the dyed towels?

(And really, Mr. Chrome Spellchecker? Is that how you spell ‘dyed’? It looks weird to me!)

It really depends on the qty of towels purchased.

$10 for less then 50 towels, $15 for 100 towels, and $20 for 200 towels. If you wish to purchase more then 200 towels, we can talk about a price.

Sound good?

Cool! I’ll talk to the team and see if they want some!

How about orange for your cross town friends?

No problem at all, that is one of the original color of towels available.

Message from Larry Lewis:
We would like to buy some for our team, but are you able to put team logos and team number font on the rags?
Also, how long would it take to get these delivered?


Once we recieve your teams logo and number design, we can do a trial to see how it comes out and get back to you. Also, I will be ordering the towels very soon and will be making them in order of payment recieved. Right now there are a few in line.

Can you get them to me by the end of build season (Feb. 16th)? We won’t have our team logo until next week.

No problem at all, I’ll even hand deliver them before end of build season. Maybe I’ll deliver them on opposite day, when is that again?

2/3 i believe.

Yep, that’s how it is spelled in this context.

Sweet Alex, this is a really exciting product line.