pic: Track drive gear-box

Better picture of modified Andy Mark 2 speed transmission for direct gear drive on track system aprox.high gear speeds options between
17.2 9.0 fps.

Maybe I am blind, but I cannot see a modification to the stock AndyMark shifter? It could be the angle, or just my lack of vision, could you please elaborate?


It’s slimmer, no question. I’d almost think they eliminated shifting from the tightness in there, but they say they kept it.

Yea, the output sprockets aren’t there anymore, for one.

It also looked in some of the other views that they had the output shaft hanging out the side of the gear box. I could probably give a few more specifics of just how far you can go with this type of mod. Not that I’ve looked at it or anything. :rolleyes:

The 4 spacers and input gear have been shortened by 1.100" so that output-
shaft now extends outside gearbox for pupose of driving the track drive system we will be producing (see picture more I posted 11-02-06)directly
Sam shawe