Pic: Trackball Prom dress

Barry and I at Robo prom. I am featuring a dress made from trackball material. My wonderful Mom helped me make it just for robo prom. It turned out so great that now I will be wearing it to my actual prom in May. Dean and Woodie both signed one of the trackball dots, and Dean asked me to be his prom date. Dean I’m still waiting for a call. :wink:

Dean? What about Barry? :smiley: He is sporting that awesome matching TrackBall tie!

And matching pocket…thing :slight_smile:

You two look great, I saw the tie in person but I never got to see the dress :frowning:

Bethany, you know, FL Tech has a homecoming :wink: I want to see this dress!

You just made my day. What a great photo.
You could have borrowed my trackball earrings!(Hard to see but I’m wearing them in photo below.)

Wow, great photo. Another one for my FIRST photo gallery on my cubicle wall at work!

Or you could have borrowed my trackball zipper earrings. They’re made from actual trackball zipper pulls.

You guys were such a hit. Thanks for showing up to the thing, it was pretty awesome =P

I’m pretty sure if you sold this stuff… you’d have a lot of customers…

like me O=]

It’s amazing! Our team was trying to figure out some thing to use the track balls for, nice job, oh and I would be a customer as well!

Everyone should note that the dress and tie have trackball dots from three regionals, Rochester, Florida, and Philadelphia. This is the result of months in the planning. Bethany, best of luck at your own prom, enjoy telling everyone about FIRST that asks about your dress.

Thanks again to team 399 for the awesome event. Brian, you put a lot of work into organizing it, and it all payed off. Every person in attendance appeared to be having a wonderful time. The Roboprom king and queen was unexpected, and made for a night to remember.

As King, I have decided to make the following reforms.

  1. Baseball is no longer the American Pastime. The new pastime will henceforth be FIRST. This is in effect for the following countries:
    :: Brazil
    :: Canada
    :: Chile
    :: Mexico
    :: Peru
    :: United States

:: Austria
:: Benelux
:: Denmark
:: France
:: Germany
:: Hungary
:: Iceland
:: Lithuania
:: Norway
:: Portugal
:: Spain
:: Switzerland
:: Sweden
:: Turkey
:: United Kingdom

Asia Pacific
:: Australia
:: China
:: Hong Kong
:: Israel
:: Japan
:: Jordan
:: Korea
:: Singapore
:: Saudi Arabia
:: Taiwan

:: South Africa
:: Egypt
And more are to follow soon.

  1. Chiefdelphi.com is required to be the home page for every web browser.

3)The entire six week build season is now a world holiday.

The King has spoken.

Does this mean we can spend the whole time building our robot instead of going to school? Oh how happy I would be…

Bah. Our school would say, “It’s a holiday - go home!”

Your dress is so cute! You would never really know it was from a trackball. And the fact that the dots are from different trackballs at different regionals is pretty neat.

Barry congrats on king and I think your reforms are perfect! :slight_smile:


Your dress seriously is awesome =D Matching Robo Prom dates! =)
… I still can’t believe I didn’t get to see this in person. Especially since my mentor told me that you were two doors down from my room in the hotel! :yikes:

Mr King.

Can you make that a Paid work holiday, please!

Just think of the awesome robots we mentors would be able to help teams build, if we didn’t have to work for six weeks. :cool:

A few more photos of the famous dress…
Trackball Dress.JPG

Dean & Prom Date.JPG

Trackball Dress.JPG
Dean & Prom Date.JPG

Trackball Dress.JPG
Dean & Prom Date.JPG

my mom said that could make more, but she would need more trackballs:D
Thank you Vince for those pictures, I appriciate them.

This was the BEST Championship EVER!!!

VERY clever way to spread the message of FIRST :slight_smile: You look great!

Thank-you for posting photos-I was waiting to see your dress! Beautiful creation & Barry’s matching tie is a wonderful finishing touch. It was a pleasure meeting you in the pits in GA.
Now that you two have been King & Queen, how about running for office? Everyone involved in *FIRST *is anxious for a FRC alumni as President!:cool:

Why, Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: