pic: Trailer, filled with random cells


following the directions for building a practice field, i made this. the trailer was done yesterday, and i made the orbit balls today and combined them. some of the building instructions had errors, such as the required length of the 3/8-16 bolt for the wheel axles needs to be at least an inch longer. if you want the files for download, just pm me. (files are in Inventor 2009 format)

Nice model. This looks like it fits about 30 cells/rocks. Is that correct?

20…only 5 each level times 4

Good luck scoring balls like those shown precariously perched on the top level, especially if shot from a distance.

I’d reduce that max capacity a bit for a more realistic value.

plus the trailer moving around…i dont think its going to fit that many moon rocks

I would keep it at the same number of balls possible, because although there are some precariously sitting on the top in that model, there are also none looped around the poles as will happen in a real competition leaving room for more.

Take away 5 on top, but re-add them on the attached poles.

~20 seems realistic to me when you think that way.

Also, as a side not to PacoLikeTaco, I see you modeled the tower with the fabric on it going by the team’s version to build one.
The actual tower where the fabric is located is not a half cylinder, but rather a full one.
Just thought I would throw that out there if you want a TRUE model of the Trailer.

I agree, 20 sounds quiet reasonable because I think many will get hooked on the poles. Also, 20 cells/trailer, 6 trailers = 120 cells. Coincidence? I think not!

Oh, hey look at that. Fun with math! YAY! :cool:
Good catch.

Edit: I had to come back & add some more thoughts after that statement actually sunk in.

If too many Moon Rocks are in the trailers, then some trailers won’t even have room for Super Cells at the end of the game.
That could prove to be interesting. :ahh:

Even though the trailers have the capacity for 20 cells, it is very improbable that this will actually ever happen in a match. It would be nice though…

I would have expected that quote from a rookie, but I guess even the novices say the funniest things sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never doubt something in* FIRST* unless you like being shocked & amazed.

Yeah, I expect to see some pretty crazy things this year. Don’t count everyone out yet.

All of the people who already requested the files, i sent them out today. for everyone else, here are the links for them:

trailer files: http://www.filefactory.com/f/fcea17335905ba45/
cell files: http://www.filefactory.com/f/dc7a80f24aa4b64d/
STEP files: http://www.filefactory.com/f/d4b1351fecef8db0/

The cell (orbit ball) file looks to be closer to a 10" circle, I have attached a picture with a 9" sphere and kit frame.

meh, i made those original cells without actually measuring them, i was just trying to get the shape right. i guess i can remake them, as it shouldnt take too long.

i think it may have been difficult to download 47 files separately, so i zipped them all to one file, @ http://www.filefactory.com/file/a01766a/n/trailer_and_cells_zip

Well that now means that more can fit. My guess, even though we saw a few teams do it already would be about 45 balls at max, with them hooked on the outside, in a match. Not just the max over all, only in a match.

Thank you for changing the file format. One zip file makes life much easier. The orbit ball looks better! I would still suggest teams use a 9 inch sphere for measuring ball handling in their cad model. The orbit balls’ gaps can be confusing when designing a handler compared to a 9 inch sphere.

okay, so i remade the cells to be slightly (within .25") of a 9" diameter sphere.

again, here is the link to all of the files: http://www.filefactory.com/file/a01a160/n/trailer_and_cells_resized_zip

i heard a team got like 87 orbit balls in a trailer cool though:eek: