pic: Trailer with 19 impaled balls

What it looks like with the balls impaled on the posts. When this happens it looks like the trailers could hold a lot more.

Sorry, but could someone point out to me where in the manual it says that this does or does not count as scored balls?


Definition of SCORED: A GAME PIECE is SCORED when it is fully supported by the TRAILER or other GAME PIECES that have been SCORED.
By definition, each of these are SCORED.

When tossing the orbit balls onto the trailer, do they usually fall in the center or get impaled on the pipes?

Based on that, all of these game pieces would be SCORED.

In our experience. most of the ones that score go into the trailer. A few end up stuck on the pipes, but a lot of pipe end impacts bounce either into the trailer for a score, or out for a miss.

Playing with these last night it seems to depend on how you throw the ball. I found an arced ball (such as in basketball) to go inside more easily than a ball thrown directly at the PVC walls (in an over-the-head fashion such as in soccer), however the direct shot seems more likely to impale the balls. This is simply my opinion and it may vary by person…either way I’m not a very good shot :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you are working on it.

To quote the wise one, Al Skierkiewicz: practice, practice, practice. :slight_smile:

I think they usually fall in the center, but I wouldn’t expect many balls to be speared easily. Also, I think that intentionally spearing balls might not be illegal, but I think the object is really to get the balls inside the confines of the trailer spears.

I’m not sure it matters. The intent of scoring is to get the balls fully supported by the trailer. As far as accuracy the spearing isn’t exactly reliable because it depends on how the ball is oriented. But it makes no difference whether or not they’re speared or inside.

After playing with this for a while, we have noticed that the balls bounce off the center post AND the outside posts pretty easily when they are thrown. It seems they score easier by placing them in the trailer.

Would you mind measuering and tellin me how tall the trailer’s center post including the gaurd on top of the pipe?Thanks, James

at least they aren’t going any where

but still, impaled balls… those are the worst