pic: tread

Need help building belt

This is the inventor model of the treads for the 617 robot

This is the first thing that I have built on inventor.
& I can’t figure out how to make the belt for the treads.

Any help? I tried using the belt option in design accelerator. but when it said select pulley, I couldnt select one of those gears. Really confused

If you don’t mind a static belt (meaning it doesn’t rotate around the pulleys in an animation) just make a (===) in inventor with the belt thickness and wrap it around the pulleys

in the assembly, go to the tool “create component.” From there, select your plane as the face of one of the sprockets. Make your sketch as the side profile of the belt, and extrude it away so it covers the pulleys.

I tried that… but I couldn’t get all of them to be the same. Whats the ===? is there a way to copy and paste? Im a total noob at Inventor

If you’d like, contact me on AIM, and I’ll walk you through making this.

Is your idea for a tread similar to this?

nice design

Sorry for replying so late. It woulld be great if you could help me Manuallabor
I understand what you said about using the side of sprocket as the plain and sketching… But I am trying to make it detailed. Is there a way to copy and paste? I put motion constraints on the gears & sprokets so, they spin together. So, itd be great if the belt would spin too!

These are pictures of the belt: