pic: Tredded-Tripedal-Modular-Crab-Drive

oh woops, i typed in the pic instead…

well people seem re-intrested in this kind of desing so i thiought i wopuld post it

All I can say is WOW :ahh:

You have posted many of your lego inventions, and everytime I wonder how you came up with it.
I have been mentoring FLL teams for 4+ years and, I admit it, stuck on a basic design (mainly becuase its easy for the kids to understand and build).

Do you mentor an FLL team Tytus?
Are these crab designs as agile as their FRC counterparts?
Could you post one of the control programs for these?


tytus… all i can say is you are NUTS!!.. that thing is awesome… and VERY cool… how much time do you actually spend with legos man… you come up with all these cool ideas everytime… it would be awesome to see if one of your lego inventions being used by a team…

This reminds me of one of the members of our team. He goes absolutely crazy with legos and builds some of the most amazing contraptions I have ever seen.

yes i do have a legoleague team, and yes they were using the same system for their competion, BUT! The Palm Beach county school board held this tournment where they only allowed Parts that came ion the lego dacta kit. so the turntables had to be takenb out and they had a more traditonal drive

YO, thats so so so so so sweet.

Tytus! You’re amazing, man!

Please keep the ideas coming. Your creations are part of what kept me inspired last off-season.

that is nice! I wish I was talented like that… How long did that take???

All I can say is you’ve done it again. Nice job as always.

good job…very ingenuitive. i’d like to see this design on an FRC…

That is extremely creative. Good job genius…

Wow, I like that one. That’s definitly my favorite design. Very very nice. Great job!