pic: Trenton Pits 2006.jpg

Photo of the FIRST Robotics Pit area at the New Jersey Regional 2006 at Trenton. Photo Courtesy Team 1676, copyright waived.

I saw this picture and noticed something…will you look at all those blue banners…dang…says something about that competition and those teams.

Haha, wow it’s a bit more spacious then the GLR pits. Looks pretty big too!

We take over the SBA (Sovereign Bank Arena) each year in March to put on a spectacle. This year we had 63 teams (I think that’s one of the larger regionals.) so the pits needed to be big. Yes there are a lot of them, and if my information is correct I think we’re getting more teams next year.

It’s a great event, by far one of the most competitive I’ve ever seen. And I emplore everyone to come down next year and add to the uproar as we rock the SBA!!

if we get more teams in trenton the stadium will burst!

Comparing the pits to GLR, I’d say you could ptu at least 10 more teams in there. You can see the floor!
There are definitely allot of blue banners there. At GLR i don’t even know if we put up ours. We just didn’t have the space…