pic: TRI 2018 - Power Down

Our “Power Down” practice matches were a big hit this year.

What kind of cameras are you guys using on the Scale? I’d been thinking about getting a 360 Camera of some sort for the Scale at our off-season event and running that as a separate 360 stream, but haven’t been able to find one that would be adequate.

We ran 5 IP secruity Ethernet POE cameras for the event. I also thought about running a 360 camera didn’t find one that would do the stream the way I wanted.

Yeah, most of them seem to be like action cams and only record. A lot of them also don’t point down very easily. =/

This was a really good idea, very cool! One question though, would you happen to know if this affected vision tracking in any way?

Of course it would, I don’t know of any one that was vision tracking at TRI though. We were only going to do a few matches, then everyone liked it so we kept it going.

so after watching the blackout/power down matches I’m jumping off of the #watergame bandwagon and fully on team #darkgame.

These matches were just so visually striking (like a neon lit back alley in a cyberpunk novel). In 15 years of FRC seeing these matches was like watching my first regional as a student.

Is there video of these matches available anywhere?

Nice. Robot speed => length of RSL trail.

I was actually thinking there was some interesting data that could be extrapolated from this image. Potentially you could not only calculate robot speed, but also locations of high traffic areas, what positions the scale/switches in for approximately how long, etc.

Here is the recording of all of Friday.

They start at 8:22:00

We had a limelight on our robot, but ended up not using it in auto. But we unblocked the LEDs and thought it was really cool how it illuminated the cube.

For some reason, I can’t post an attachment, so hopefully this link works

This is a nice and easy way to change the game without changing the game.

It was cool to watch while I was at work on Friday afternoon. Not having much in the way of sound made the robots seem kind of “ghostly” as they seemed to “float” around the field.

This only works for games were vision tracking doesn’t matter. If you were trying to tune a vision adjusted shooter last year and all the practice matches were in the dark you’d probably be annoyed. So its cool for this year but we won’t know if it makes a return until we see next year’s game. Maybe just for fewer matches in a vision tracking heavy game.