pic: TRI Girls Drive Tournament 2018

This weekend was the 2nd year of our TRI Girls Drive Tournament. This has been a huge success.

We had 18 teams participate this year, the rules are pretty simple, a girl student must drive your robot, all other drive team positions are encourage to be girls/women but it’s not required. Including a few teams who had girls from other teams drive their robot because their team doesn’t have any girls. Random alliances, play a full round robin which is 5 matches each.

The feedback from this event has great especially from the students that participate.

“I was on the girl’s drive team and it was a lot of fun to be able to bond with my team mates and get to do something we normally all can’t do. I think some girls are too timid to volunteer their services to drive teams which is why they tend to be mostly male dominated groups, but having an event where they’re at the forefront definitely helps build up their confidence and do something they may not believed they could’ve done before.”

A couple notes why I think this works well

  • It’s Friday morning so it’s optional, any teams that don’t want to participate, don’t have to.
  • It’s during a normal off-season event so teams that may not be able to make an entire drive team of just girls, or be able to participate in a full girls only event like in other states can participate here.
  • Allowing teams to have partial girl drive teams help with keeping some experience on the drive team for training from experienced team members for things like coaching, or solving problems with the robot, etc that the regular drive team has experience with.