pic: Tribotec Brazil - Drive Train

A revealing image of our 2005 robot chassis and drive train.
Its weight comes to nearly 28.6 kg (63.05 lbs)…Enjoy.

For more pictures, visit www.tribotecteam.com
Tribotec Team #1382, Brazil

The mech guys made a really nice job!

I look forward to see the robot done!

That looks really good. The frame looks strong and the wheels look the same way. Worried about the gears in the transmissions stripping out or causing any other problems? I don’t know a great deal about the durability of plastic gears but they, for some reason, don’t seem to be an overwhelming trend within FIRST. Have any predicted speed or torque specs? Looks great!! :]

No, the gears aren’t made of plastic, they’re made of polytechmil (or something like that… I’ll ask some mech guy).
Their durability are incredibly great!

About the speed… we have two different speeds with that gearbox :smiley:

really beautiful, love the gearboxes and the wheels, I have a feeling you’ll be very strong.

adds a lonely single mark under the four wheel category

Nice robot. Even nicer gearboxes. Your chasis looks a lot more rigid that the kit chasis. Awesome robot.