pic: Tribute to Carol Kaufmann


There was a nice tribute and video led by Royal Assault 357 for Carol Kaufmann, outgoing Regional Director and all around great person

Full size version available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/8285488@N05/4476402398/in/set-72157623735599254/

During my ten years in FIRST there has been one single constant, Carol Kauffman. 11+ years ago Carol happened to be at a function where Dean was and asked how FIRST could be brought to Philadelphia. Legend has it that Dean gave her the job before Carol even finished asking the question. Ever since then the hours have been horrific and the pay even worse, but Carol has always kept the mission at heart.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Carol as a leader of two different FRC teams, as an event volunteer, and as her regional “employee” during my three years as a Senior Mentor. It’s impossible to overstate her contribution to growing and supporting the region … well, actually, several regions.

It was awesome to be able to surprise Carol at her own, and final event, as a FIRST RD. Joe Troy of 357 spearheaded the effort during the Friday ceremony where she was presented with a trophy from the Philly Region teams, Jim Utaski represented FIRST HQ and board and presented her with a plaque and autographed book from Dean, incoming RD Don Bowers presented her with a FIRST shirt signed by teams and mentors, and other teams offered their own gifts - real flowers and a hand-blown glass flower.

In all it was a VERY fitting tribute for the person who brought FIRST to so many.

Namaste, Carol.
The region will miss you.

I echo Rich’s comments.

Carol has been FIRST to our team since Day 1. She has always been there as the face of FIRST whenever we needed her. The tribute on Friday at the Philly Regional was very fitting for someone who gave much of herself for all of us.

Thanks for everything, Carol. We will miss you!

Carol also served as the Regional Director for the Chesapeake Regional for 4 years.
Rich and I came on board as Senior Mentors at the same time. I had the pleasure of getting to know Carol during the two years we worked together. She would travel down for meetings at the Naval Academy, working closely with the planning committee which included the late Mike Wade.

She was always very proud of what she was able to accomplish in Philadelphia, and what she referred to as “her” teams in the Philly area, and brought that considerable experience to benefit the Chesapeake in Maryland. Carol worked very hard.

I’m sure this is a bittersweet time for Carol. I wish her relaxation and some fun adventures in her retirement as RD. Hopefully she’ll stay involved, but without all the work!

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