pic: Trinity VI 2007 team 867

our robot the night before the ship date.

Wow! That is probably the most unique lift mechanism I’ve seen so far.

How do you pick up the tubes? Can you get them off of the floor or do you have to human load?

Any specs you can give us on it?


we can pick a tube off the floor and the whole thing is run on pneumatics from the base up.the tube grabber is initialized by a 2 in pneumatic that pushes the middle of the grabber and the grabber just buldges out and grabs the tube.

Nice lift :cool:

Yay for scissor jacks! Nice design… How does it work? Very unique.

it goes up by 4 pneumatics pulling at the bar at the bottom of the scissors.when we activate the small ones it goes into the level of the mid rack and when we activate the lage ones it goes up to the high part of the rack. when its all the way down it gets to bottom spider.

nice lift we,1708, also did a a scissor lift excecpt we used a linear actuator to lift it

the sadly at the competition we we over weight by TWENTY POUNDS so we had to remove a set of scissors :frowning: i think we need to get a new scale in the workshop.

Ouch, thats no fun… It’s a shame too, I would have liked to see it get all the way up to the top row at a regional. :frowning: