pic: Triple Hang - Greater Toronto Regional 2010

Three amazing machines right there! Congratulations 1114,2056, and 1547!

3 of the fastest robots i’ve seen hang. Has there been other triple hangs?

Here’s a shot I took of it from another perspective:

Plenty more GTR photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/patfair/GreaterTorontoRegional2010.

That is sweet…especially considering 2 of them AREN’T hanging, but still suspended

I think you mean elevated.

There was a triple hang at the Michigan State Championships. I believe it was with 33 and two other teams. If somebody else saw and knows more than me please chime in

I believe I was yelling pretty loudly when this happened.

FRC = Black Hole
Me = getting too close and will be sucked in never to be heard from again