pic: Triple Mini-CIM gearbox - 2386

Check out our new triple Mini-CIM gear boxes!

Looking good Eric! Can’t wait to see the finished product in a couple weeks.

Thanks Brian - I asked the crew to see if they could add a third motor to the two motor design you helped them make last year. Turned out well I think - we should be driving with these installed sometime this week.

I have a question, what does this gearbox improve on im just curious.

Although I’m sure Eric can give some more insight on specific changes made this year, this gearbox is an iteration on the one 2386 made last year. The biggest advantage we found last year, is that it utilizes a ton of wasted space in the sides of the chassis, leaving the center open for other mechs and/or electrical.

The main driving factor was that the triple Mini-CIM vs dual-CIM configuration is much more resistant to “heat fade”. This becomes an issue in either a long “pushing match” or having to play successive matches quickly without a long “cool-down” period between matches (i.e. Play-offs!)