pic: Trouble in paradise. IRI style. =-o


I just want to wish a good luck to all those who are in the vicinity of IRI this weekend, and hopefully this storm shown here at 12:30am local Indy time washes away all doubt of a soggy competition and leaves everyone ready to compete this morning.

That city in the center of that is Indianapolis btw.

Good Luck to all participants, spectators, and all those who have made the pilgrimage to Indiana for one of the best off seasons in FIRST.

But more importantly, Stay dry and Stay safe.

I wish I knew it was going to rain Thursday night. We went to Wendys and it was dry…as soon as we got in the door it absolutely POURED down rain. When we left I was up to my ankles in water! Heck of a time though! :smiley:

ooooh :yikes: oh well that happened at VCU too. i couldn’t see across the street (i swear I’m not exaggerating this!) it was just a wall of storm happiness! :smiley:

Some of yeah might think im weird (well some of yeah do anyways) but i didnt see any rain!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Heh, sounds like one of the freak storms we get around here, can be raining in the front of the house, and be sunny and dry as a bone in the front. Or like one of our hurricanes, but we usually see those coming.

I’ve got to say, Indiana has some great lightning! We were in the heart of it about an hour after passing through Hammond until we got to Indianapolis.

Hey just ask 1305 about the rain on the way there on Thursday. hahaha it was ken, Mary, and me driving to IRI and it is pouring. we see a truck pulling a trailer. we see something sticking out of it. kens like “Is that a robot?” i say i think it is" so we speed up and see that it is a robot. we try to find out the number of the team and in big blue numbers on the side of the robot…1305. ken started honking the horn. little did we know that on Saturday we would be picking them as out alliance partner.

It POURED. You thought it was a hurricane hitting Indianapolis. Myself and a few others were hanging out in my hotel room watching a direct tv logo bounce around the screen, listening to the news talk about weather. Aparently a decent sized tornado touched down in the county east of Indianapolis.

Crazy night for weather, thats for sure…

Yeah saying that it poured was an understatement. The few of us still at Lawrence North HS whlie it was raining saw rain flooding into the halls of the school. It was a good rain, that’s for sure, but that’s to be expected with how hot and humid its been.

Yes, there was a tornado warning. When calling down to the front desk to ask what to do, we were told that “I’m freaking out right now, I’ll call when I figure out a plan!” Oh dear that was interesting… :wink:

The rain was pretty annoying. I got pretty wet on numerous occasions at a Smith Walbridge Drum Major Clinic @ Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL).

we were watching family guy when they broke in with a tornado warning at the super 8.

one of the weather guys said it was an atmospheric disturbance created by all of the teams rushing to Indianapolis for the IRI.

The rain was just crazy! We (116) were at dinner and it just starts pouring rain. This caused us to start worrying since we had a trailer at the hotel outside with our robot inside. The problem was that is was not a closed kind it was a simple trailer. We had put on a tarp to cover the robot before leaving, however on the way to Indy the wind had caused the tarp to get all kinds of holes. So Friday morning we took the hair dryers out of the hotel and started blow-drying the daylights out of the entire robot. Tytus and Arefin helped us out by getting a shop vac and some WD40 for the parts that had started to rust. The robot wasn’t too badly damaged however we think that the rain caused several problems that we are now dealing with.

We were traveling down I-65 at the time on our way to the IRI. What a light show!! Indianapolis sure knows how to light up the sky! It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences where the whole sky just kept discharging and turning night into day. What a sight!!


ws how to deal with moisture on robots its us Floridians
Dave, since it actually worked when we were doen does that we may have a water game next year?

yep, if anyone kno

some poor team left the top of their trailer open in the monsoon outside the school on thursday night. so i ran out there to try to close it for them and just ended up breaking it. sorry to whoever’s trailer that was.

The rain reminded me of Atlanta. Remember the rainstorm there? Just as hard, more lightning, just as short. My family waited under a restaurant porch until it slowed down a bit (Californians tend not to be used to lots of hard rain.)