pic: Tru Blu 2496 Robot Recycle Rush

Still doesn’t have a name yet but we should have one soon.

-4" mecanum drive using VexPro Clamping gearboxes
-Elevator driven by 2 minicims through a 45:1 overall reduction
-Custom elevator with UHMW rollers
-Intake actuated by a 3/4" bore 12" stroke piston
-Intake wheels (4" colsons) powered by 2 bag motors through a 100:1 reduction gearbox.

Easily stacks totes from HP or from on the field.
Can start stacks off with a Recycle Container.
Ability to stack 3 totes onto another stack of 3 totes.

We are going to the Inland Empire regional in week 1 and the San Diego Regional in week 6.

Below is a video of us stacking 6 totes, we have since then increased the speed of our elevator. And we are planning to increase our capabilities at Inland.

6 tote stack Video:

Also the surgical tubing is not because of strain on the motor. In a previous thread we mentioned that we needed to raise our bot in order to be legal and not to potentially damage the scoring zones. To offset the height increase we needed to drive our elevator lower, unfortunately the tooth wrap on our lower pulleys in the down position is not enough and causes it to skip teeth, adding some upward force helped to fix that problem.


This is the SolidWorks render of the 2015 robot for 2496 Tru Blu. The students who made this are first year CAD users, I am a very proud mentor.